Meet the Designer

A Brand Apart's philosophy translated from Latin is “All that is mine I carry with me.” Ask Creative Director Andrea Brà for a few more gems and he will say, "All great changes are preceded by chaos." "Live with art, it's good for you." Perhaps this is what sets him and the brand Apart. Brà's cool nonchalance, yet deep caring for a forthcoming message bolsters his brand’s Italian artisan-made luxury leather into something that transcends trends, and simply gives you that aristocratic feeling.

Complex Simplicity Sets A Brand Apart

Andrea Brá began his journey to set his brand apart back in 1999. He noticed a lack of simplicity, and overabundance of overly fussy bags. From the onset of overtly monogramed luggage, he stood steadfast in the realm of minimalism.  Luxurious materials create luxury, not simply the brand. After a decade of the Tom Ford effect permeating the high fashion psychological sphere, turning designers into celebrities, reviving Gucci to a place where anyone who was anyone was chomping at the bit fo... Read the Story