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Meet the Designer

Designed in New York City and crafted by artisans in Italy, Blacksea is an experiment in geometry and color. A fascination with math and geometry prevails throughout the collection via the use of symmetrical lines, geometric patterns and balanced proportions. Created to fuse form and function for the modern woman, Blacksea utilizes structured shapes, bold colors and the juxtaposition of textures to create accessories that are understated and bold at once.


We asked Blacksea's creative director, New York-based Jane Lerman, about her background, inspiration, and current obsessions. AW: Why did you decide to launch your own handbag line? JL: I first entered the fashion industry via PR, but prior to my first internship, I was actually studying to become a doctor. I graduated Boston University early after completing a pre-med program, and went to London to do an internship. While there, I was invited to a few London Fashion Week shows, and fr... Read the Story