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    Having just opened its second brick-and-mortar location in Culver City, Blind Barber, the old-timey barbershop/ bar/ clubhouse hybrid that originated in Manhattan’s East Village, is emerging a bi-coastal phenomenon before our eyes. The concept of escaping, grooming, and socializing in one place proves an instant hit for New York and Cali guys alike.

    While both Blind Barbers’ antique industrial aesthetic, highly skilled cuts, and crafted libations are obvious draws, we attribute its cult following to the trio of undeniably cool founders: Adam Kirsch (former pre-med student), Josh Boyd (downtown nightlife connoisseur),  and Jeff Laub (Ted Gibson salon alum).

    Their new line of easy-to-use, efficient products fill the void when you can’t hang with the fellows - and just can’t locate your $100 badger brush.

  • Where the Magic Happens
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  • Up Close and Personal

    Getting to know co-founder Adam Kirsch
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    Describe your job in three words.
    AK: Operations, hospitality, and relationships.

    Why get into this business?
    AK: I just love being able to provide a good time and see people enjoy themselves while letting loose in a comfortable atmosphere. Treat yourself well and feel good about it. It's about creating a community where people can share ideas and enjoy the company of those around them.

    What was your best haircut? And your worst?
    AK: My best haircut is probably my most recent hair style - hard side part with shaved sides. I'm able to have long hair on top, while keeping it short on the sides to stay cool during the summer. My worst cut was probably the classic bowl cut I had in elementary school. At that point in my life, mom made the calls and I didn't know what a sense of style even was.

    Who taught you how to shave?
    AK: Macaulay Culkin, "Home Alone".

    What’s your libation of preference during a cut?
    AK: The Blind Barber's signature tequila cocktail, called The Hot Heather. If that's not available, I'll take a tequila (preferably Siete Leguas Blanco) on the rocks with a dash of lime juice.

    Favorite song to get ready to?
    AK: Hot Chip, “Hold On”; Party Supplies, “Guy Friends”; The Knocks, “The Feeling”.

    When are you most nervous to shave?
    AK: Before any first or second date. Your date is going to be looking at your face/facial hair all night and we all want to look good for our lady.

    What is your daily primping routine?
    Heavy use of facial wash. Beard trimmer for the sides of my face and parts of my mustache. Small scissors for trimming my chin area. 60 proof Blind Barber Hair Wax to style my hair. Penhaligon cologne and Old Spice deodorant to stay smelling good.

    What’s your prediction for the next big hair/ shaving style?
    AK: Mustaches have already made a fierce comeback and I think that trend will continue. With the increase in facial hair popularity, I think that sideburns could make a big comeback as people experiment even more with their new found scruffy facial hair. Trends are cyclical, so it doesn't surprise me when old styles become new styles.

    Why the 20's influence for your brand?
    AK: I don't think our brand has a huge 1920s influence because our voice and vision is very modern. However, a bar hidden behind a barbershop is a concept that fit with 1920's style prohibition speakeasy.

    What brands would you love to collaborate with?
    AK: Mark McNairy, Saturdays, Odin, Woolrich, and many others.

    Fill in the blank: Shave and a haircut, ___________
    AK: and a cocktail???