• A Tribe Called Cuval

    At first glance Cuval bags ooze modern appeal. Look closer and you’ll find the ancient art of bag making via the touch of a Turkish craftsman.  Each bag and piece of jewelry from the contemporary Istanbul-based line is handmade in Turkey. Cuval’s local artisans have generations of experience in bag making, lending a truly authentic edge and painstaking attention to detail in each and every bag produced.

    “It's very important to promote local artisans as the cultural backgrounds, talents and inherited skills are disappearing through globalization. And it's not only important for our will to contribute to the national economy but also an efficient tool to exalt the craftsmanship within international grounds,” says Cuval’s designer, Ayse Ozgunes.

    Çuval draws inspiration from 21st century mixed trends, diverse cultures, contemporary art & music. The trending brand is setting the scene for the evolution of the Turkish fashion industry and tapping into the energy and the joie de vivre of Turkish Youth.

    “Turkish culture is filled with vibrant, educated, open-minded, diverse and colorful young people who has great sense of humor (just lookup #occupygezi)! The new movement of these young hearts inspires me to give them what they are looking for in terms of local creativity,” says Ozgunes.

    Cuval’s bags and baubles are more than just accessories, they have become elements of self-expression. So much so, Cuvalists, have launched a movement, Cuvalism—a way of life based on a playful and eccentric lifestyle the brand embodies.

    Are you ready to be initiated?