• Channeling Kurt Cobain

    A Group Effort
    • Visuel-hixsept

    Since 1994, there have been countless attempts at replicating the signature grunge of raspy-voiced legend Kurt Cobain. And finally we’ve come across one that gets it totally right.  Just don’t call the team behind it fashion designers.

    From longtime collaborators Aurélien Arbet and Jérémie Egry, Etudes merges and evolves the understated contemporary clothing line Hixsept and edgy publishing house JSBJ.  Rather than mere manufacturers of clothing and accessories, Etudes's Paris and New York City-based team prefers to identify itself it as creative directors for new mediums of art, publishing, and fashion.

    After all, with photo shoots, the assembling of printed matter, and graphic design all happening alongside in-house garment production, Etudes’s Parisian headquarters looks nothing like the typical clothing studios we're used to.  Despite the trans-disciplinary environment, highly focused products are always the outcome. “Uniqueness can unfold in a single detail,” Arbet says.

    To ensure each new Etudes story is fresh and exciting, the brand enlists different outside contemporary artists, who, as Arbet puts it, “perfectly fit with the collection, either in balance or in opposition.”  This season, Robin Cameron, Jennilee Marigomen and Brea Souders add their distinctive voices to the Etudes story.

    These artists’ brilliant collaborations with Etudes render the distinction between fashion and art all but invisible.

    (Photo above: Etudes Creative Directors Aurélien Arbet and Jérémie Egry)