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    Wear Your Art on Your Sleeve

    Sorry Mr. Cunningham. We adore you, but this season, there’s another photographer stealing our heart. And, instead of documenting the looks of the most sartorially sound, she’s helping us be among them.

    The name you need to know: Lillie Toogood of We Are Good & Co.

    Ever since she was young, the New Zealander has had a natural affinity for getting behind the lense. “My first camera was a green wind-up plastic thing that I bought with my pocket money when I was about 11,” she says. “Since then, I’ve always been a photo person.”

    Toogood’s interest and talent carried her down a graphic design career path, and eventually into the fashion industries of Australia and London where she learned everything from design to pattern making to sampling to selling to production and dispatch under designers like Karen Walker, and Camilla + Marc.

    While the experience was wonderful, Toogood wished she could devote more time to her continually growing photography hobby. “It’s super geeky, but I’m in love with the satisfaction of taking a ‘good’ photo, and the excitement of getting film developed,” she says.

    We Are Good & Co. merges Toogood’s love for both style and cameras; The brand’s signature silk scarves each feature an enlarged snap from her own personal portfolio. As for material, “I’m always drawn to textures, colors, and patterns in the everyday,” she says. “I like to capture the buzz of cities and towns, and people going about their daily business - and translate them into patterns and shapes within the frame.”

    We’ll gladly say cheese to that. 

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