• Never Say Goodbye

    There’s nothing worse than a break up – with a wallet.

    What a sad time it is when one is forced to part ways with the well-used holder of that mug shot of a license, crumpled love note, and too many dollars to fathom.

    Luckily Anthem Wares has finally found a way to avoid such grief. And it doesn't even involve high proof liquor or hallucinatory drugs.

    Introducing Il Bussetto, Italian maker Mauro Gobbi’s Cuoio leather brand.

    Elaborating on ancient techniques and traditional craftsmanship, Gobbi produces classic accessories that slip right into everyday routines, and won’t leave you hanging.

    Every Il Bussetto product undergoes a lengthy construction process, which Gobbi summarizes as cutting, wetting, and mounting vegetable tanned leather on wooden forms; drying it; then hand painting and waxing. “It’s a living skin,” he says of the final product. “You can see the leather changing its shades and touch as time goes by.”

    And time will certainly go by. “Our items can be your companions for many years,” Gobbi says.

  • What in the World is a Bussetto?

    • Il-bussetto-logo

    When it comes to the making of leather goods, we’ve heard of thread, needles, and even embossing machines. But we’re clueless about the bussetto.

    Turns out the namesake of Gobbi’s line is an iron instrument that has for centuries been used by craftsmen to polish Cuoio leather in between the hand painting and waxing stages. To ensure color is perfectly absorbed by the full grain leather, a bussetto must be heated to approximately 65 degrees and applied with the right pressure - which obviously Il Bussetto has completely mastered.