• Where the Wild Things Are

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    Some jewelry is meant to simply be worn.

    Others -- like Iosselliani’s uncommon mixes of Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones, plated metals, and 18 carat gold -- are designed to slither around the neck, buzz on the ears, and  flutter on the fingers.

    The brand was conceived when lovebirds Paolo Giacomelli (whose resume includes designing accessories for Kenzo, Missoni, and Alessandro dell’Acqua) and Roberta Paolucci realized their mutual passion for expressive materials and classic Italian aesthetic. Using unique production techniques, including hand-carving certain pieces in a traditional Naples studio, the duo dreams up season after season of editor-approved adornment that nods to nature, history, and exotic lands.

    We find ourselves nothing short of fascinated by Iosselliani’s latest, which seems to materialize hidden treasures of a Henry Rosseau masterpiece. Slinky necklaces have snake-like qualities; rings twinkle like fireflies; bracelets latch to the wrist like beautiful caterpillars. 

    And rest assured that instead of running back to reality, in Iosselliani’s fantastic world, we’re relishing in the curious sparkle of la dolce vita.

  • The Puro Era

    Pio Castellani's intricate, granulated 19th century designs... Akelo's mid-century sculptural sensations... Can you think of anything richer in tradition than the craft of Italian goldsmiths?

    For Spring 2013, Iosselliani introduces Puro, a new line that stems from the ancient trade. “Tradition has always been important for us,” say the brand’s founders.  “Now we are coming out into the open with an entire collection dedicated to this. It’s a return to our origins.”

    Visibly divergent from Iosselliani’s customarily bold baubles, Puro’s creations -- silver and nine-karat gold with corals, sapphires, and granites -- have an old-world appeal and gypsy attitude; many of the collection’s rings, necklaces, and earrings feel like talismans snatched from a grandmother’s hidden jewelry trove. “Puro is precious daily-wear that reinvents pieces of jewelry from our childhood with iconic style,” says Giacomelli and Paolucci.