• Choose Your Own Adventure

    • Oceanizola

    Remember navigating at 34 knots off Cape Anthem during a hailstorm? Then using twine from an old sail, and a strong dark elixir to deftly stitch and heal a gash on a fishing mate’s shin? Nobody would’ve imagined that in addition to a rare and massive purple fish, the return to shore would yield a piece of prose expert enough to turn Hemingway green.

    Wes Anderson’s interest in everything only felt natural; After all, what could make a better plot base for his next film?

    Those were the days. And even if they weren’t, Izola’s nostalgic lifestyle staples have us imagining otherwise.

    The brand breathes a modern sense of romantic utilitarianism into objects inspired by maritime life, apothecaries, and work from a curious yesteryear.

    There's a product fit for whoever you are -- or may have once been.