• Sheer Enchantment

    Nuanced, is how jewelry designer Jennie Kwon describes her namesake line of dainty jewels. Addicting, is how we’d personally label the undeniably irresistible line. The L.A. based designer’s understated yet powerful pieces are created with mixing and matching in mind and are simply perfect for stacking.

    Kwon reinforces her remix philosophy by selling some of her pieces (like her coveted tiny studs) in singles, allowing fans to create a subtle style statement that’s uniquely theirs.

    “My eye gravitates towards those who have a non-fussy, independent and clear voice when it comes to their own sense of style, and I assume this is subconsciously for whom I design,” says the designer.

    We sat down with Jennie to pick her brain on everything from how she thinks her pieces should be styled to where we can find her when she’s not busy designing her next collection.

    AW: Describe your style in one word.  
    JK: Nuanced.

    AW: Who are your muses?  
    JK: I can't say that I have anyone specific in mind when I design. My eye gravitates towards those who have a non-fussy, independent and clear voice when it comes to their own sense of style, and I assume this is subconsciously for whom I design.   

    AW: How should your dainty jewels be styled?  
    JK: Each piece is designed so that it can be worn by itself and still have an understated yet strong voice, and of course, also be stacked along with other pieces to create more of a collaborative, layered look.

    AW: Where can we find you when you're not designing?  
    JK: With my two-year old twins romping around somewhere grassy, sandy, muddy, leafy... always a welcome break from the craziness and griminess of the jewelry district here in Los Angeles.  

    AW: Where do you find inspiration for your designs?  
    JK: This seemingly innocuous question gets me every time.  Ultimately, I design in a way that satisfies my sense of aesthetic.  In terms of what shapes my sense of aesthetic, I think a part of it is hardwired in from birth, and a part is absorbed via osmosis through my life experiences.  I am drawn towards clean lines and angles, architecture, balance, patterns, black and white, texture.

  • A Gift For Every Girl

    We couldn’t imagine a woman who could ever resist Jennie Kwon’s little luxuries so we’ve enlisted the designer to help us find the perfect bauble for everyone on your list. 

  • For The Bohemian

    Braided Ring
    • Jennie-kwon-braided-ring_mag1

    Because have you ever met a Bohemian who doesn't love braids?

  • For The Dandy

    East West Onyx Ring
    • Jennie-kwon-east-west-onyx-ring_mag1

    This minimalistic clean statement piece would be the perfect attention grabber for the Dandy in your life.


  • For The Intellectual

    Black Equilibrium Cuff Ring
    • Jennie-kwon-black-equilibrium-cuff-ring_mag1

    This open cuff ring accented by three black diamonds on each side would be perfectly balanced piece for the precise and analytical Intellectual.

  • For The Jetsetter

    Half Diamond Studs
    • Jennie-kwon-half-diamond-studs_mag1

    These faceted little studs are comfortable enough to never take off which is key while traveling, yet add that hint of an edge you'd want as a fashionable Traveler.

  • For The Artist

    Long Curved Bar Studs
    • Jennie-kwon-long-curved-bar-studs_mag1

    This unique stud gracefully contours the shape of the ear for a subtle yet unexpected statement for the free thinking Artist. 

  • For The Prep

    Half Isosceles Studs
    • Jennie-kwon-half-isosceles-studs_mag1

    These smart little studs add just the right amount of subversiveness to the otherwise buttoned up Prep.