• Love at First Spike

    Spikes, studs, fishnets, neons... We’ve all experimented with punk-rock style at one point or another.

    And now, thanks to Joomi Lim, half of the eponymous Manhattan-based bauble label she founded with her husband Xavier Ricolfi, the quintessential 80s look is more alive than ever.

    Lim, a self-taught jewelry designer from Korea, and Ricolfi, a Parisian with an industrial design background make an unparalleled team. “When we decided to launch the brand three and half years ago we just wanted it to be about something fun and edgy, with a cool punky feel to it,” says Lim. But with time, she and Ricolfi noticed shoppers wanting more. “The idea of adding softness, and a real feminine touch with an element of luxury thrown in really appealed to us.”

  • A Look Back at Joomi Lim Favorites

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  • The Signature

    Though the couple doesn’t claim to have invented the spike, they do feel that their use of the form continues to emerge in the jewelry industry, perhaps due to its intelligent detailing alone.

    A look back at past collections shows that even since the early days, Joomi Lim cuffs have featured exposed screw backs. “Initially we thought of covering these in leather, but we actually loved the look of it and on reflection,” Joomi says. “They looked so different from anything else out there, plus reflected Xavier's modern and unique sense of style and background, so we decided to keep it.”

    Each season the brand evolves its signature spike by introducing new elements, like Swarovski pearls and crystals, tiny skulls created by Ricolfi, and multi-cotton threads.