Meet the Designer

Seeking a new professional and creative outlet after graduating from college and working for a European television station, Frederick Bouchardy launched Joya in 2004. "A close friend and I took on an identity design project, which involved fragrance," he says. "Researching the available materials, I became obsessed with ingredients, tools, and innovation. I felt inspired to learn how and why certain things are produced, and to see if they could’t be made better."

Scent from Above

The founder of Joya, Frederick Bouchardy must have a hidden identity as a magician, we thought the first time our noses came in contact with his newest concoction, Composition No. 6. Beyond simply evoking a curious and seductive freshness, breathing in the scent literally transported us to the middle of a vast, beautiful, moonlit meadow. When we stepped away from the vial, we were back in real life, with little idea what had just happened... Well, kind of. After such a stupefying ex... Read the Story