• Nous Aimons Judith

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    We always thought delicate edge was an oxymoron. Turns out it’s actually a match made in heaven.

    Who would’ve thought a young French designer’s refreshing debut line would be responsible for changing our minds?

    Introducing, Judith Benita.

    So, we hear you left the City of Light for a stint with Wendy Nichol in NYC. How did this play a role in your jewelry design?
    JB: After I graduated in fashion design at the Duperré French School of Applied Arts in Paris, I moved to NYC to travel and discover other ways to work and think.

    I enjoyed working with Wendy Nichol so much; she taught me how to craft leather and make bags. She's very creative and talented, and her aesthetic remains simple and accessible. It was a great first experience in a very small company (It’s now now pretty big!). Among other things, it probably gave me the impulse to create my own brand.

    Word is you’ve always been a huge traveler. Are any journeys are represented in your latest collection?
    JB: Traveling opens and frees my mind, and really stimulates my imagination.

    In the latest collection, I think I wanted to portray all of the bright and beautiful colors I saw in Mexico and Myanmar. When you walk in the streets of Oaxaca in Mexico, it's so frustrating to see all these colored walls and houses and not be able to do anything with them. In Myanmar, I loved seeing people dressed up in bright colors.
    I strive to keep my designs very minimal with a pure aesthetic that allows me to incorporate the bright colors I’ve seen.

    How do you get from inspiration to manifestation?
    JB: I make my jewels in Paris, in my workshop. I don't draw. I make pieces little by little, trying things, adding detail on... taking it off...

    To choose my colors, I ask some of my closest friends what they think, which either comforts me, or winds up leaving me more confused.
    I don't like to research trends before starting a collection; I prefer to trust my feeling at the moment and follow my instinct.
    It's really one step forward, one step backward, until finally, it becomes very clear to me. That’s when I make a final selection and I have my collection.

    What do you want your line to achieve?
    JB: I want my collections to look accessible, yet fine and precious at the same time. It’s all about simple elegance.

    The work of Malevich is really inspiring to me -- the shapes and beautiful colors.... I also strive to create pieces that evoke the minimalism of colors and lines in Swedish and Japanese design.