Meet the Designer

Vietnam-born, California-raised designer Khoi Le developed a fascination for Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton at just age 14. So naturally landing a footwear internship with Marc Jacobs a few years later was a dream come true. Inspired by the experience, Le took to designing his own leather goods and accessories in his free time. The eponymous utilitarian leather collection he has since launched disguises its practicality in thick, earthy leathers -- all sustainable.

Feng Shui via Khoi Le

Complete the sentence: Where the #^@% did we put our: A. Keys? B. Lighter? C. Sanity? D. All of the above. Between hectic mornings, last minute dinner plans, and well, life, obviously the answer is D. Thank you Khoi Le, for saving us from ourselves. The Vietnam-born, central California-raised designer’s utilitarian leather collection disguises its practicality in thick, earthy leathers we’d fall for regardless of organizational deficiencies. Le’s foray into st... Read the Story