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  • When food and fashion collide, the outcome is often devilishly delicious. And that is exactly what Serena Goh captures in her blog, The Spicy Stiletto.  A California import, the fashionable foodie is now influencing New York with her high-low style, keen eye for accessorizing, and experimental do it yourself cuisine.  Anthem Wares' First Look chatted with her about her love for food, fashion, and tips on refining our style.

    When it comes to food, Serena is always testing new recipes and scoping out new places to eat.  "I love cooking, eating, and experimenting with food.  I'm saving up at the moment to experience Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare," she told us, referring to Brooklyn's only three Michelin-starred restaurant. 

    And as for her style, Serena's look is edgy, feminine, and she is often be found rocking a "WLP" (wide-legged pant).  She uses her blog as an outlet for experimenting with her passions. "My blog is definitely a place of escape where I can play with fashion and food, and create whatever I want.  I also love accessorizing, it's that something extra that makes an outfit interesting."   She edits her wardrobe down to statement making pieces and accessories, resulting in an outfit archive that is dripping with interesting, elegant, photographs.  Her style mantra?

    "Don't conform to fit in, otherwise you defeat

    the whole purpose of existing in this world." 

    Not to say that she hasn't hit a bump in the veritable style road.  "I wore too many sweatpants in high school.  I don't remember wearing them that often but my best friend said that's what I did, so I can only imagine how many more people still remember that about me."  She no longer has to worry about that, as readers flock to her blog for style advice and tips on how they can master the comfy-chic-meets-edgy look she has become known for.  Her top style tips for Spring include, "Mix bold colors with more color, focus on different fabric textures, have a good mix of high and low pieces, and combine more refined embellished pieces with your everyday staples". 

    In the near future, we'll be able to see a new aspect of Serena: video.  "I'm looking to incorporate more video on the blog.  I love connecting with people, so I'm hoping that it'll allow my readers to connect with me on a more personal level," she told us.  Meanwhile, we can live vicariously through her beautiful photos and delicious recipes, including her favorite one for you to try at home: Samosa Mexicana (click here).

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