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Meet the Designer

Mawi is a London-based contemporary jewelry brand that is rewriting the rules of accessorizing for the modern woman. The undeniably chic line of accessories offers a fresh, cutting-edge take on vintage pieces and trinkets from the past. The brand’s iconic structural pieces have become modern talismans that provide an ornamental meeting place for the past, present and future.

A Tale of Two Aesthetics

Mawi, the strikingly chic jewelry label that has made its name in the fashion industry as the go to line for ubercontemporary statement jewelry, is the brainchild of London based design duo, Mawi Keivom and Tim Awan. Mawi’s baubles are in constant battle of opposing themes: punk rock with granny chic; rock and roll with heirloom jewels; ancient trinkets with modern materials. Yet Mawi’s style stays true season after season. Every piece is structural, highly designed and thoroughly modern. ... Read the Story