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Meet the Designer

Mirlo is an independent jewelry brand based in NYC and founded by designer Katherine Kim and long-time friend Grace Grichel. Both born and raised in LA, the two landed in NYC. Katherine's contemporary designs and Grace's fashion expertise resulted in the establishment of Mirlo. Together they strive to create timeless and meaningful pieces women can wear everyday.

A Fashionable Flock

The moniker MIRLO is derived from the Spanish word for "blackbird." The female blackbirds are known to be diligent and assertive, qualities that define Grace and Katherine, the founders of the debut New York based jewelry line. Mirlo’s pieces are minimal and classic with edgy silhouettes. The simple, clean lines make the collection undoubtedly versatile, with unexpected details that add depth and character to every piece. We sat down with Mirlo's designer, Katherine Kim to get her ta... Read the Story