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Meet the Designer

Monica Sordo was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. After a successful career as a Fashion Editor for Marie Claire Spain and other publications, she launched her eponymous jewelry line in October 2011. Since then, her striking cosmopolitan designs with a touch of industrial details have become a staple for fashionistas in the know.Each piece from the collection is handcrafted by the designer with her team of skilled artisans in Caracas, Venezuela.

Jewelry Fit for a Goddess

Brazenly sexy fringed cuffs fit for a goddess and edgy punk studded cuffs infused with chic nonchalant effervescence are some of the electrifying pieces you’ll find in Venezuelan designer, Monica Sordo. The ex-fashion editor resurrected her love for jewelry design into a new career two years ago with the launch of her eponymous jewelry line. The collection is handcrafted by local artisans in Caracas, Venezuela, adding an element of unique individuality to each piece. We sat down with the d... Read the Story