• Jewelry Fit for a Goddess

    Brazenly sexy fringed cuffs fit for a goddess and edgy punk studded cuffs infused with chic nonchalant effervescence are some of the electrifying pieces you’ll find in Venezuelan designer, Monica Sordo. The ex-fashion editor resurrected her love for jewelry design into a new career two years ago with the launch of her eponymous jewelry line. The collection is handcrafted by local artisans in Caracas, Venezuela, adding an element of unique individuality to each piece.

    We sat down with the designer to get Sordo’s take on everything from her design inspirations to her own fashion must haves.

    AW: What inspires your designs?
    I’m mostly inspired by architecture and huge geometric shapes. On the more organic side, I love stones and their cuts as much as the different shapes and colors of wood and other raw materials. I love to explore how to render and reinterpret them in metal. I am always giving a final look that is very industrial and minimal yet powerful and very feminine.

    AW: Do you have any style icons, if so who are they?
    MS: Well… I will say I have many. I’m a very eclectic woman so I worship more than just one woman and her style. At the moment I’m thinking a lot about Grace Jones for my new collection.

    AW: When you're not designing where do you like to hang in NYC?
    MS: I’m exploring Brooklyn on my bike. I like discovering new places. One of my favorite spots is the Brooklyn Botanical Garden for a chill afternoon, a good read and some time for myself. Music is another passion so I love exploring record stores, going to small concerts and discovering new bands. I’m also a foodie and art lover… so I guess I’m all over the place on my free time. That’s the beauty of this city.

    AW: If you could only choose one item to bring along to a deserted island what would it be?
    MS: My iPhone

    AW:  What kind of woman do you design for?
    MS: An eclectic woman that likes feeling powerful, sexy and super chic at the same time. One of the comments that I always get from my clients is that they feel like a heroine or goddess.

    AW: Any styling suggestions on what to ideally wear with MS jewels?
    MS: The beauty about my work is that it can be worn with many styles and different times of the day. I love wearing it with basics such as baggy boyfriend jeans or overalls and a comfy cotton shirt, with pumps as well with a silk draped dress for a more Greek goddess look -- or a black tuxedo -- I love that garcon look with striking super feminine jewelry.

    AW: What are three of your wardrobe must haves?
    MS: Right now: nude pointy pumps (very tall), a white cut out silk asymmetric dress, jean shorts… I love basics.

    AW:  What makes Monica Sordo jewelry unique?
    MS: It is all handmade from scratch in our workshop in Venezuela. Even though the line was just launched less than two years ago, we have always (since I was a baby) had a workshop at home where we work a lot with metals, wood and creating anything you can imagine from furniture to jewelry. I’m currently building a new team and workshop in Lima, Peru where they have a culture of silversmithing and goldsmithing and amazing artisans. We use very unique techniques and create new ones. We even create new tools in order to achieve some of my ideas and designs.