• A Study in the Post-Snooze Button World

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    It doesn’t take an Ambien prescription to experience the crazy beauty that happens during REM. But it does take serious talent to translate that limitless land of dreams into tangible -- and wearable -- forms.

    “There is this curious phenomenon where in your dreams, disparate imageries can combine together in a way that makes no sense in real life, but somehow, while we are dreaming, makes perfect intuitive sense,” says Flora Lam, founder of accessory line N. Historiae. “It’s those kinds of unobvious connections that we try to capture in our pieces.”

    Fish scales, field grains, and feathers are among the symbols explored in N. Historiae’s attention-grabbing styles. “This may sound odd – if not absurd – at first, but I actually try to avoid making pieces that feel contrived,” says Lam. 

    Whether you prefer Lam's motifs curved into oversized rose gold rings or strung on chunky necklaces, we strongly advise pairing the line with imagination; a little out-of-the-box thinking is all it takes to derive your own fluid story about each N. Historiae creation, and further align yourself with Lam’s end goal of making objects that “people truly cherish.”

    That said, overthinking is definitely not recommended. 

    “I have found that genuinely elegant people tend to dress with a sense of humor, and don’t take themselves too seriously,” Lam says.