• A Ticket to Ride

    They say the journey is more important than the destination, and we at Anthem Wares definitely agree. Especially when our journey entails endlessly cycling around city streets.

    But for our fashion-minded selves, the lack of an amazing bike bag has continually put the brakes on fully appreciating the joys of pedaling; let's get real: the pickings for carryalls that suit both sexes from the saddle to the board room to the bar are slim (read: virtually nonexistent).

    So when we came across Nabi Cooperative, a teeny Italian brand doing unthinkable, luxurious things to the cycling bag as we know it, we wanted in.

  • From Italy to Anthem Wares

    After graduating from a shoe and accessory institute in Rome, and two intense years co-designing a luxury bag line, Nabi's founder Mauro Sciascia sought release. So he grabbed his bike and took off to peddle around Italy, Manhattan, and even partake in Alley Cat races from time to time. “Cycling offers freedom from life dilemmas and traffic lights, detours from routine, and healthiness,” he says. No matter where his wheels took him, Sciascia was flooded with compliments on his bag, a leather pack he had casually whipped up for himself years ago. Everyone wanted to know where to get one.

    When Sciascia finally returned home to Rome, his mind and vision were clear: “Few bags are convertible into so many different ways, which leads to my favorite keyword: versatility.”

    Instead of feeding into the waste-expelling tannery process, Nabi also sources its feel-it-to-believe-it soft leather from a hidden stock house in Tuscany. Then to a tiny lab in the center of Rome, where two ladies, as Sciascia puts it, “strive their eyes and calluses to give the highest quality of finish” to the handmade bags.  “Italian hand manufacturing still exists, is life lasting, and has an economic value,” he says. “But today’s manifestations of it come from small realities like Nabi.”

    We don't know who's more excited to introduce the traditional Italian manufacturing process to America -- Sciascia or Anthem Wares. From both parties, there has been unparalleled enthusiasm towards creating an exclusive capsule collection equally worthy on the bicycle as it is off.