• The New Renaissance Men

    In the Internet age, when lightening-fast change is the norm, only those multi-disciplined rise to the top (Pin, Tweet, Post, Instagram, check.). Exemplary byproducts of Gen Y, Jacob Melinger and Alan Paukman know just how it’s done.

    The native Manhattanites and longtime friends work under the name Nikolai Rose (a tribute to the duo’s respective grandfather and grandmother), generating books, home wares, branding, and design projects in addition to developing an ongoing accessories collection, which the duo calls “an embodiment of their creative output that represents the brand in the form of items and objects one can wear everyday.”

    Despite Nikolai Rose’s wide net of undertakings, its work criteria remains quite focused. “[Projects and collaborations] must first be rooted in the tangible,” they say. “Though concept and 2D design is often employed as a means to reach a final product, the final physical product is what interests us. And secondly, in all projects there must be potential for an interesting creative outcome. If it has been done before or has an expected turn-out, we have no need to take it on.”

    While we at Anthem Wares are impressed by the brand’s complete range of offerings (from signage for Vans to a music video for The Postelles), we find its lineup of accessories – structural metals crafted into thoughtful and subtle forms  -- the most irresistible of all. Perhaps that’s because they come to be just over the bridge from our own HQ, in Nikolai Rose’s Long Island City studio.

    It’s there that Melinger and Paukman draw from music, film, science, literature, and “ephemeral moods and feelings” to design, prototype, and produce as much of their jewelry as possible, only occasionally outsourcing to jewelers in New York City’s Diamond District for metalwork and casting.

    After all, even the most agile urban renaissance men need a hand from time to time.