Meet the Designer

After years working in fashion industry, Frenchmen and friends from university, Ludivine Machinet and Frederic Baldo, decided to "materialize their universe" in the form of their own avant garde brand. Why accessories? According to the designers, they "embody the epitome of one's style and the subtlest part of the silhouette." As you may already notice, Machinet and Baldo are as intellectual and darkly poetic as their collection portrays.

Turn Off the Lights

Though often disregarded, there is a delicate divide between ‘loving’ and falling ‘in love’ (with a style). But Ludivine Machinet and Frederic Baldo of the quixotically avant-garde French adornment brand Nuit No.12 showed us how intoxicating the latter can be. See, back during the S/S ’13 shows, despite the instant attraction we developed for the dark fantasy worlds that Rodarte and Ann Demeulemeester manifested, it was Nuit No.12’s romantic interpretation of the motif (think: metal rings sculpt... Read the Story