• From Bosphorous to Brass

    Eye of Ra, the latest collection from Brooklyn-based line Odette, has an uncommon effect -- it causes us to spend hours Google-drooling over exotic destinations. 

    If only designer Jennifer Sarkilhati would've taken us along on the trip to Athens, the Greek Isles, and Istanbul, that led her to create such wanderlustful pieces. 

  • Through the Eye of Odette

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  • The Inspiration

    In Greece, volcanic terrain, ancient weaponry and antiquities at various archaeological sites, and crumbling remains of ancient temples took Jennifer.

    In Istanbul, it was the the sight of swallows swooping around the spires of the Blue Mosque at dusk, Turkish tea sipped from cup and saucer on the Bosphorus Strait ferry, hours of sifting through old textiles and kilim rugs at the Grand Bazaar, and the mesmerizing Iznik tile-work lining the walls of Topkapi Palace that made her heart aflutter.

    In both destinations, Jennifer also couldn’t help but notice the multitudes of blue glass eye-esque charms for sale on nearly every corner. 

    The Eye of Ra collection, hand-carved from wax and cast in recycled brass, is a reinvention of the protective talisman that also evokes a mix of symbolic imagery from throughout her journey. The merge of motifs from different times and places is deliberate - so much so, that Jennifer even imagines some of today’s pieces could have been worn on the arms of an ancient statue.

    But we’re happy to play mannequin, too.