• The Goddess of Edge

    Craving a luxe addition to your wardrobe? Look no further than Persephoni. Since its launch in 2011, Athens based accessories label Persephoni has been a fixture on the pages of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and more. The brand’s designer, Persephoni Giannakis, a graduate of set and costume design, flawlessly combines hardcore stainless steel sculpted to perfection with buttery organic leathers and lavish furs.

    We sat down with the designer to get the scoop on everything from what inspires her designs to her take on the Persephoni woman.

    AW: Describe the Persephoni brand in one word.
    PG: Sculptural

    AW:  What inspires your designs?
    PG:  It could be anything actually—architecture, art, music, everyday life...

    AW:  All of your pieces are handmade. Do you make them yourselves or do you have a group of artisans? 
    PG: We work with a small number of Greek craftsmen and artisans

    AW:  Can you tell us more about your brand? What is your brand's signature style?
    PG: Our collections include three dimensional, sculptural accessories in stainless steel, each with elements of fine leather or fur and wool.

    AW:  What kind of woman do you design for?
    PG: From Tavi to Iris Apfel.

    AW:  What is one piece from your collection should everyone have in their closet?
    PG: The leather circle pouch with the stainless steel brim. It’s an everyday, easy piece and at the same time it makes it so unique and exclusive.

    AW: What inspired your latest collection?
    PG: My little girl's building blocks.

    AW: The globe clutch is one of a kind is there a story behind it?
    PG: The platonic solids were one of our inspirational sources.

    AW: What kind of woman wears your designs?
    PG: A woman of any age who is sophisticated, contemporary, stylish with a sense of humor.