• Nailing It

    If we could get our nails done with anybody in the world, we’d have to pick the founder of our new favorite lacquer brand, RGB: Gina Carney. The super cool and collected Californian has polish curation down to an art form. Read on, and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

    You have what could pretty much be considered every girl's dream job. How and why did you decide to start your own nail polish line?
    GC: About 5 years ago, I was working in retail sales at Barneys.  No matter how many beautiful garments we all drooled over, the conversation constantly came back to nail colors and manicures.  It was always the most talked about and shared accessory amongst the clientele and sales team... and I worked in women's ready-to-wear, not cosmetics.  It got me thinking about creating, which eventually came to life in RGB.

    What makes your brand extra special among the Essies and OPIs of the world?
    GC: Two of the biggest differences are both quality and quantity.  As far as quality, RGB offers a 5 Free Formula in all our Nail Colors, and our Care line is completely natural.  Our Nail Color Remover is soy-based, and is completely free of acetone and acetate found most, if not all, salon brands.

    As for quantity, our collections are much more edited.  We curate our collections seasonally, and really do believe in the old adage less is more.

    Where do you find inspiration for each color collection?
    GC: My background is in fashion, so I look to the runway each season to pull inspiration.  For example, Cobalt was a reflection of what the stand out blues found on Lanvin and Balenciaga.

    Your personal style anthem:
    GC: I'm pretty happy like a cartoon character, in my uniform. My style is pretty consistent, when I'm feeling a new look  I'm into, I'll wear that look every day until I'm on to the next.  That could be one month or one year, once I discover a new silhouette or look... My old ones make cameos now and again, but I'm usually in my current uniform.

    Your style icon:
    GC: I love a signature look. Someone like Karl Lagerfeld or Carine Roitfeld, that always looks like themselves and no one else. 

    Your very favorite color -- polish or not:
    GC: White, in nail color or not.  I'm always drawn to white over any other color.  This especially goes for interiors, it always feels clean and open, and I feel most creative in and around white.  I think like the idea of a clean, fresh canvas.

    How often do you change your polish? 
    GC: Oh, just once a week before I started RGB.  I adore the ritual of a weekly manicure/pedicure.  Now about once a day, there's always a new product we're testing from the lab.  It's why I created an eco-safe nail color remover, I was using acetone way too much.

    Do you think fingers and toes should or should not match?
    GC: I personally prefer a match; always have, but I say there are no rules... everyone decides what works for them!

    Your take on the nail art explosion:
    GC: Like most street gone avant garde trends, if it's done right or authentically it can be badass, done sub par or poorly, of course it can read juvenile.  Nail art has gotten really refined and creative with girls like Madeline Poole and Astrowifey - they're real artists.  I think there's nail art for everyone too.  Personally, I love a moon manicure.

    Where is your favorite place to get a mani/pedi?
    GC: In LA, I'm pretty loyal to Eden by Eden Sassoon; in NYC I often visit tenoverten in Tribeca or its location inside Parker Meridien.  Anywhere outside of LA or NYC, I'll visit my spa or salon in hotels for specialized services... why not?

    Your brand in a song:
    GC: Tough.  Too tough to call; but I'll take the aesthetics of The White Album cover.

    What's in store for RGB in the next year? 
    GC: We're thrilled to announce our third series of HIPPxRGB colors, our ongoing collaboration with Celebrity Green Nail Stylist Jenna Hipp, as well as expanding our Care line with more natural products coming in 2013.