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Meet the Designer

Visionary menswear is coming from Robert Geller, winner of the CFDA/Vogue Award for Best New Menswear Designer. From working for Marc Jacobs, to winning an Ecco Domani Award with Alexandre Plokhov for Cloak, he’s been honing his sharp eye for years. For each collection, this German New Yorker imagines himself into a time and place (á la early 80s post-punk Britain, Fall 2012), and designs what he would’ve wanted to wear. That inventive mentality attracts both the fashionisto and the rugged gentleman.

Robert Geller in an Instant

"If Dries van Noten is an oil painting, Ann Demeulemeester a black and white photograph, Martin Margiela a photocopy of a black and white photograph, then Robert Geller is a Polaroid," mused Robert Geller’s wise-beyond-years intern. Catching the hazy glimpse of a moment through a Polaroid is one of Robert Geller’s great pleasures. He nearly studied photography at Rhode Island School of Design, set to follow in his father’s footsteps, but luckily design spoke to him far louder. He explains,... Read the Story