• The Prettiest of Them All

    A little to the left of our white strips and a smidge to the right of our tweezers, there is proof that any medicine cabinet can become an indulgent, magical trove. Turns out, this is something the world’s top editors and most dew-faced celebs already know. That’s because they've made it into the inner circle of the beloved sixty-something aged model turned boutique owner turned star stylist turned Harper’s Bazaar editor turned ultra-luxe beauty line founder, Linda Rodin.

    Seeking a simplistic antidote to the chaotic skincare industry – one that would pamper her naturally aging skin while meshing with her distinctively low maintenance beauty routine -- Rodin began experimenting with top quality essential oils in her kitchen. Evening primrose… jasmine… like a true NYC chemist, Rodin used none other than a disposable coffee cup as her mixing beaker.

    When she finally found a winning blend, a miraculous elixir that melted into skin for an instant “alive” glow, Rodin couldn’t wait to share it. And so she took to gifting hand-poured vials to a very select group of friends with names like Gwyneth Paltrow and Naomi Watts.

    Reactions were unanimously over-the-moon, and soon enough demand drove the transition of her apartment-based hobby to a full-fledged business focused on Rodin’s original product, which she called Olio Lusso, the knowingly grammatically incorrect Italian phrase for “luxury oil,” after her inner self-described “Italophile” soul.

    Now the sparse and elegant bottles mark the beauty routines of the globe’s most glamorous, effortlessly gorgeous women. The ‘mamma mia,’ they can’t hold back upon application is a product of pure chance.