Meet the Designer

When Anton Sandqvist grew bored with his job, it was the story of the iconic Freitag that inspired him to switch gears. Together with his brother Daniel Sandqvist and friend Sebastian Westin, he launched Sandqvist, a line of ultra-functional, extra durable backpacks, totes, messengers, and aprons constructed of uncomplicated materials like heavy duty canvas and natural leather.

Back to Basics

Picture your go-to everyday bag. Now strip it of frills -- shiny zippers, exaggerated studs, for-show-only pockets. Chances are, you’re left with something unimpressive at best. “Before fashion magazines were invented, there were just products, and the style of those products was defined by the function and skills of the person who made them,” says Sebastian Westin, one of three founders of the decidedly unembellished Swedish bag brand Sandqvist. “Instead of focusing on useless bling, efforts we... Read the Story