• A New Side of Fine Jewelry

    Selin Kent is a New York-based jewelry designer who hails from Istanbul, Turkey.

    Selin Kent’s fine jewelry collection is characterized by a minimalist vocabulary of clean lines, architectural forms, and simplified shapes. Incorporating 14k gold with precious stones, a refined yet playful sensibility is applied to each piece. Unique stacking options are explored, such as rings that fit into each other like puzzle pieces. Elegance and balance in design is achieved through a careful study and application of geometry and proportion. The collection consists of modern staples that are understated yet striking, and edgy yet sophisticated.

    Selin’s design sensibility has been influenced by her travels and the various architectural styles that define the cities that she has lived in, including Vienna, Paris, Istanbul, and New York.

    Each piece is crafted in New York using responsibly sourced precious metals and stones, ensuring a commitment to the highest quality craftsmanship as well as minimal environmental impact.

  • As Seen In


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  • Margot Robbie at Sundance - February 2015

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    SHOP IT NOW: 14 Karat Rose Gold Hex Band with Diamonds

  • Angelina jolie

    • Angeline_jolie_nico_necklace_2

    SHOP IT NOW: 14 Karat Gold Nico Necklace I With Diamonds

  • The New York Times

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    SHOP IT NOW: 14 Karat Gold Nico Necklace I With Diamonds