• A Lovely Mistake

    Sometimes, we just want to tell people to zip it.

    When Alison Riley, former Design Director of Barneys New York, felt similarly, she took measures into her own hands. But she didn’t imagine printing “Stop Talking” cards would be so well received.

    Set Editions was a natural next step, allowing Riley to focus on her longtime passion for writing.

    Why get into the paper business, at a time when the world is making such a fuss over all things digital?
    Alison Riley: I am somehow more dazzled by the fact that you can touch something and write on it, drop it in a box, and have it arrive in someone else's hands, even days later, than I am by the immediate transmission of a typed email. I guess there is just more romance in the post.

    Your stance on email vs. paper correspondence in three sentences or less... go!
    AR: There is a time and place for everything.

    Which is your personal favorite card in the collection?
    AR: “I know in my heart you lied.”

    Can you give us a hint of who you sent it to, and why?
    AR: I've never sent it. But I've felt it.

    How/why did you decide to grow your brand beyond stationery?
    AR: The wit and wordplay started to call to me over the medium and it was suggested to me that I consider other formats besides paper. I worked on ideas for text and then looked for a clever object companion. I have a little list of phrases I'd like to use and am forever trying them out on everyday items until one fits.