Meet the Designer

Born in Denmark, graphic artist and self-proclaimed “skateboard nerd” Silas Adler has spent time in Sweden, Tanzania and Paris -- but it is his native Copenhagen that he calls home. There in 2002, at the age of 17, Silas started making T-shirt prints without “a concept, knowledge or cause.” The end result is Soulland. Mixing classic and contemporary elements, but rooted in traditional Scandinavian craftsmanship, Soulland is both timeless and defiantly on the cutting edge.

The Right Stuff

Soulland’s chief designer Silas Adler cites Gianni Versace as an influence, but he is not a fashion nerd. The great Dane would prefer to talk endlessly about skateboarding, even if all his time and creativity is wrapped up in the menswear brand he started over 10 years ago. Back in 2002, Adler just wanted to make t-shirts with his friends and skateboard all the time, but his ambitions grew and he worked feverishly to start a full menswear collection. Today, Soulland has expanded to accommo... Read the Story