Meet the Designer

How does one make supremely SuperDuper hats? The old fashioned way, that's how. SuperDuper millinery designers Veronica and Ilaria Cornacchini and Matteo Gioli use traditional wooden head blockers to mold materials like leather, beaver felt and summertime straw to the form. Each stitch is sewn up by hand. Taking back the hats' construction mano a mano preserves the integrity of the shape, and ensures your fedora won't go floppy in the rain.

Hat-Making is No Picnic

An English picnic, simply put, is a marvelous occasion for a statement hat. While any occasion can really call for a couture hat, Veronica Cornacchini and Matteo Gioli drew inspiration for their Spring '13 collection from the British tradition of picnicking in the countryside. Coupled with Monet's palette of pastel ponds and warm sunny lilies, SuperDuper creates a playful summer presence. Read the Story