• Hat-Making is No Picnic

    An English picnic, simply put, is a marvelous occasion for a statement hat. While any occasion can really call for a couture hat, Veronica Cornacchini and Matteo Gioli drew inspiration for their Spring '13 collection from the British tradition of picnicking in the countryside. Coupled with Monet's palette of pastel ponds and warm sunny lilies, SuperDuper creates a playful summer presence.

    • Monet_water_lilies_300

    SuperDuper colors were eyedropper-ed right out from under the Japanese bridges of Monet's Giverny gardens. And the blue skies give way to a mod brim's antique weaves.

    • The-japanese-bridge-the-bridge-in-monet-s-garden-1896_300

    The three Italian artisans pride themselves on an artful experience. Matteo laments the fact that many today equate hats such as these as an elder expression. The willingness to try a shape like a short-brimmed bowler brings about a sophisticated air of adventure.

    While their styles may cite eons past, like the mod brimmed Dietrich hat, the cut is looking forward. They've taken the construction back to a different age, one that relied on the hands of the artists that dream the idea. They collectively went back to school via a collaboration with the Fashion Department of Florence from 2008-2010, and did their research at several other Fashion Institutes to solidify their millinery cred. Now in the workshop, each hat takes several hours of dedicated focus, and all three powerhouses behind the label must want to wear that style. Between Matteo's music and graphic design chops, Ilaria's background in architecture, and Veronica's Masters degree in Wearable Technologycoupled with her modern dancing career, it's quite an array of powerful minds each chapeau must pass through.

    And we imagine their field testing for this collection may have involved many an outdoor dining experience, packed wicker baskets with tartines, red wine, olives and strapped-in silverware. Plucking grapefruits, they squeeze the color into balibuntal palm woven pillbox caps.