• Dog Days

    Fantastical pastries... animals on chronometers.... The odd and charming illustrations by from Sarah Swash and Toshio Yamanaka of the London-based line Swash make us do crazy things. Like say, interview a dog.

    It's true: to get acquainted with the brand, we decided to switch things up a little and hear its story from the perspective of Candy, the designers’ whippet who plays a leading role in a number of the brand’s signature patterns. Swash mission, definitely accomplished.


  • Anthem Wares Meets Candy

    • Tsc400

    AW: What was your first impression of Sarah and Toshio when they took you in in 2005?
    Candy: I knew I was going to my new life in London"

    AW: What was your first impression of Swash's work?
    Candy: In my opinion Swash's work didn't really begin until I arrived.

    AW: What do you think it is about you that inspires the designers?
    Candy: The fact that I am incredibly stunning.

    AW: What is the most interesting thing your owners do at work?
    Candy: Give me biscuits.

    AW: What is the most boring?
    Candy: Not give me biscuits.

    AW: What's an average day for you like?
    Candy: Wake up, lounge, look for food at home. Go to the park with Toshio for my run. Go to my studio. Lounge all day. Go home and look for more food. Lounge. Go to bed"

    AW: Which Swash item that you have an appearance in do you like most of all, and why?
    Candy: I appear in most items. My favorite items are the ones I appear in as of course they are most beautiful. Of course on an evening out I never leave without my iPhone case and a 45 x 45 silk scarf around my neck.