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Meet the Designer

Designer Eric Portes of Trémoulière cites Ali McGraw as an inspiration, calling her “extremely elegant and chic, without being ostentatious”. That certainly rings true in Trémoulière’s beautiful canvas designs. Based out of Paris and Tours, the company’s exquisitely crafted bags are artisanally made in a French workshop where the fabric, leather, and other materials used are selected by hand to ensure that the product is held up to a high quality standard. Search no more, your perfect bag is here!

An Ode to Ali

Ali MacGraw, how we envy thee. You’ve stood muse to so many designers, stylists, directors, and Pinterest boards -- and continue to influence our personal wardrobe choices daily. Tremouliere’s Eric Portes shares in our adoration. In fact, the iconic American actress serves as major inspiration for the line. Portes loves how Ms. MacGraw, among others like Michelle Phillips, “were extremely elegant and chic, without being ostentatious. “I wanted to give an imprint of the 70s because I ... Read the Story