Meet the Designer

Copenhagen-based jewelry designer Vibe Harslof is known for creating distinctively minimal jewelry with a playful kick. Her look is clean and pure, nothing superfluous is added and yet the simplicity of the jewelry has a powerful presence. With intriguing inspirations like gritty subcultures coupled with stellar craftsmanship, Harslof’s rare and imaginative designs have become must-have staples in the urban uniform.

A Different Vibe

It’s ironic, Vibe Harslof’s design philosophy is simple: create unique jewelry that’s clean and pure, leaving nothing unnecessary behind. Yet the vibe that her pieces give off are incredibly complex, speaking volumes about the woman who chooses to wear one of her creations. She’s strong, individual, effortlessly chic and most of all, fearless. Creating playful jewelry that is at the same time minimal and refined is a feat Harslof exhibits each season. She loves to challenge the... Read the Story