• Turkish Delight

    Writer-cum-director-cum-designer Rammy Lee Park's evolution from film to accessories was natural for her. “I made a lot of my own jewelry growing up and it’s always been an interest of mine,” she says, but admits that the creative process differs greatly between fields. “With film, it always begins with a story. With jewelry I start with a collection of shapes that evoke a feeling of some kind. Pretty much every piece I’ve designed has come from an abstract doodle.”

    Peek into Park’s sketch book, and you’ll find travel references abound. “Street signs, details on bridges, silhouettes of large structures, architectural details, local plants and flowers -- everything is fair game [for inspiration],” she says. Instead of referring to her photos or journals, Park makes a point of sketching from memory, which allows her to “imagine them a little more playfully.”

    This season it was the reflection of a mosque in a puddle, petals from the mystical Aksama flower and the warmth of the Turkish people that inspired her Spring/Summer 2013 collection.

    “I always start with memory of a place, and for me, my trip to Istanbul was all about warmth, friendship, and sensuality,” says Park.

    Wanderluster took the vibrant city’s never-ending supply of culture and contrasting ideas and skillfully re-imagined them into elegantly exotic pieces fit for the modern day nomad.