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Meet the Designer

Ottoman Princess-cum-Parisian designer Yaz Bukey created her eponymous line in 2000 after working at Margiela, McQueen-era Givenchy and Jeremy Scott. Her imagination springs with a sense of humor that translates into cheeky jewelry, mouse bags, chest-plate-body-slimmers, scarves and home décor. A glimpse into her mind looks much like her Tumblr, where she sheds near-hourly inspiration like Deep Throat, 1940’s pinups, and Marilyn Monroe insomnia. It’s the princess diary that’s well worth following.

In the Ballroom with the Knife

For thirteen years, Ottoman Princess Yaz Bukey has been tickling the fashion world pink with Plexiglass. We asked her about her Fall 2013 Murder She Wrote collection, her answers are killer.  AW: Roughly how many games of Clue did you play before concocting this lavishly murderous collection? YB: I love this game and playing it in the wintertime by the chimney! But also I'm a big fan of Agatha Christie and T.V. series with leading actress Angela Lansbury's Murder She Wrote! AW: Wh... Read the Story